Monitoring BizTalk Performance Counters for throttling

In occasions when a BizTalk server has a big load to process often we will notice every thing slows down and it seems BizTalk is not processing any more messages.

This happens when a throttling state was achieved, and BizTalk will stop processing messages, In my case the Message delivery throttling state had the value of 3 meaning “Throttling due to high in-process message count” we had too many messages going in, allowing the host to use more memory(see below) solved the problem for the amount of messages that where input to BizTalk.

To monitor BizTalk throttling states we can use some performance counters, to add the counters:

go to:  Performance monitor -> BizTalk:MessageAgent

The description for each of the performance counters can be found here msdn.

Tip: on 64 bit machines we can allow the host to use up to 50% of the memory on the server that will allow BizTalk the ability to have a higher throughput.

On the host configuration click advanced -> throttling trash hold -> Process memory usage (on 64 bit can increase to 50%)

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